Dear Community – Quest House Closure


Dear Community,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you today.  Effective immediately, Quest House Community Healing will be dissolving due to unavoidable circumstances.  Multiple forces have come into play, making stable housing for our current community space impossible.

Primarily- our location is no longer a viable option.  In the spring of 2019, Meiko single-handedly sought out bigger, better, and more stable housing for us. And in doing so, he insured that we have a house where we could be open about our medical healing space.  He did the research, learned the language and communicated clearly with the landlords about our needs.  We were promised this would be a space where we could be open.  Although Meiko inquired about it specifically and was told there were none, there is an ordinance in place that restricts rentals to single-family dwellings only, and in-law units or multiple rentals are not allowed.  Just this week we were informed that our home goes against these neighborhood association rules.  Our landlords have frequently voiced how much they love having us as tenants and are very supportive, but this matter is out of their hands. We can no longer run Quest House here.

Secondly- the pandemic has added immense complexity to sustaining our community healing space.  We consulted with multiple community members and medical professionals about potential safety issues, proper protocol and ethical concerns.  In the end, we found there could be a workaround if we reduced guest capacity and instilled new safety protocols. The unfortunate reality is that reducing guest capacity would make it impossible to cover our bills.  Another concern we have is the potential of a second wave of covid-19 in the fall resulting in another shutdown. For this reason, our situation has become too precarious to be sustainable. As such, we are left with no other option but to close. Our hearts hurt over this heavy decision.

TO ALL SCHEDULED GUESTS: We will be contacting each of you directly in the coming weeks. We will be issuing dollar-for-dollar refunds in the next 30 days to everyone who’s paid a deposit and/or any of their lodging/care costs.  The remaining funds will go directly to community members in need.  All housing supplies will be offered to those with upcoming surgery, donated to local non-profits or sold and funds given back directly to community.

Please understand we have only come to this decision after exhaustively weighing all of our options. We don’t take this lightly. The current state of the world is creating more need than ever for our already marginalized community. That makes us closing even harder. Simultaneously, it is creating an invitation to innovate what support looks like.  Our biggest hope is that by releasing this project, we are creating space to reimagine how we can best support one another. We need each other more than ever, y’all. Let’s use this hardship to deepen our connections to one another, to further weave our web; the stronger the bond, the louder the voice.


In ultimate solidarity,

oliver flowers

Sam Karam

Julian Melson


Walker Malone

Meiko Xavier

Quest House Found It’s 2.0 Location!!!

At the end of April 2019, Quest House will be moving from Sausalito, to beautiful Pacifica! After hosting 30 different surgical guests and about 1/3 of those folks having already returned for secondary stays, we’re ready for a house of our own!

Quest House has been in full-swing fundraising mode since February to help cover the costs of: first, last, security deposit, moving truck, movers, furnishing a larger space, and to hopefully still have a bit to tuck away for emergencies, scholarships, and our house host stipend. Here is the link to our current fundraiser which has dollar-for-dollar matching donations up to $5,000 through the month of April:

Stats on our new locale!

  • 15 min away from San Francisco International Airport
  • 20-25 min from CPMC
  • 35 min from BCSS/Greenbrae Surgery Center/Bon Air Surgery Center
  • 5-bedroom house, 3.5 bathrooms
  • Large balcony & private backyard
  • Views of the Pacific from the living room & balcony
  • Fully remodeled house with brand new everything
  • 2 Common areas (1 upstairs, 1 downstairs)
  • 15 min walk to park & beach
  • Washer & Dryer in-house

Things we prioritized when we chose this location:

  • 30 min or less from CPMC (yes)
  • 45 or less from BCSS & Surgery Center (yes)
  • Safe neighborhood (yes)
  • Beautiful, serene, healing views! (yes)
  • 5+ bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms (yes)
  • 2 beds in every room (yes)
  • Plenty of free parking (yes)
  • Reducing bridge crossings/tolls (yes)
  • Less than 1 mile from shopping & pharmacy (yes)
  • 1-story house (no)
  • $6,000 per month in rent or less (exactly 6k)
  • Open w/ property owner about hosting a healing space (yes)

Services temporarily unavailable

We are working to get some grants to open Quest House again, and are currently closing our doors while we work on this and deal with some pandemic induced burnout. If you are interested in helping fundraise/do grant work outreach for Quest House, please reach out. We would compensate for this work. Be well and hope to be opening again soon ❤


COVID-19  ((( Last Updated: 4/20/20 )))


We at Quest House are closely following the lead of the local surgeons, and hospitals in the area who are responding accordingly to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that there is A LOT riding on your planned surgeries and are committed to supporting you through this time of uncertainty. As of now, all “non-emergent” surgeries between 3/17/20 – 5/31/20 at the main CPMC Davies hospital, as well as cases at Greenbrae/Bon Air Surgery Center are being rescheduled. Please see the link below for the most up-to-date information from Dr Chen on his practice website.

Dr Chen’s COVID-19 Updates:

LODGING: Quest House will do whatever we can to plug people into different dates on our calendar for those that are impacted by these cancellations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you have. Information has been changing rapidly, sometimes on a daily basis and we’re working to keep up with the shifts that this health crisis has had on our community space and the folks that we serve. For this reason, our responses may be delayed due to an influx in email at this time. Please be assured, that we will get to you as soon as possible.

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS: Currently, what we’ve been doing is rescheduling folks for later dates on the calendar with the cancellations that occurred late March – June. For the couple of folks that we couldn’t fit into new dates, we refunded their money in-full. In addition, for those individuals scheduled for June surgeries, we’ve adjusted our “balance due” dates to 100% due @ 1 week prior to check-in (our standard policy had been: 50% @ 4 weeks, and 50% @ 2 weeks prior to check-in). This will be our payment policy until surgeries are consistently being performed and some of the uncertainty surrounding cancellations reduces. Once a payment has been submitted, if your surgery is rescheduled, we’ll attempt to plug you into alternative dates on the QH calendar and apply any payments that you made, to your new booking with us. If that isn’t possible, then you’ll be issued a full refund.

Take care of yourself and know that we’re here if you’d like to talk. We’re all in this together.

Need Post-Op Lodging?

Join Us! … A space designed with you in mind.


Quest House is currently located in Sausalito, CA. 4 short miles from the Golden Gate bridge in an apartment that we rent 2 bedrooms out of. In spring of 2019 we will be moving into a 4 or 5 bedroom house in order to offer this resource on a larger scale.


We offer lodging on a self-selected sliding scale: $75 – $125 per night. You choose what you are able to pay, there is no application process and we do not ask about your income. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is requested to secure your reservation. This can be sent via FlipCause, PayPal (w/ transaction free) or by check – whichever is most convenient for you. This $250 goes towards your stay with us.

*** If paying your lodging invoice via PayPal, an additional 3.5% fee is required – as this will be taken out automatically from your payment before it reaches us.

We also provide CARETAKING such as transportation, basic meal prep, and assistance with daily tasks; such as those that someone traveling with a family member would be able to help them with.



  • Located in Sausalito!
  • 4 miles from golden gate bridge
  • Located on ground level
  • Views of the SF bay and Alcatraz from all windows – STUNNING SUNRISES!
  • Balcony (overlooks San Francisco Bay & Marin Headlands)
  • Target and basic groceries within a 1/4 mile – most anything else that you need within a few miles
  • Trails to the coast from our parking lot



  • Gym on site
  • Salt water hot tub & pool on site
  • Full Closet of medical supplies (Sustained by donation, FREE to use but you may need to buy a few things that we might not have on-hand)
  • (2) Walkers (helpful for ALT guys)
  • (2) Bathrooms
  • (2) Handheld showerheads
  • (2) Shower chairs
  • (2) Electric Lazy-Boy Recliners (2-person, and 3-person)
  • 40 in Flat Screen TV (Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO, Firestick)
  • Full Kitchen – Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave, Blender, Nutribullet, Toaster, Keurig + plenty of cookware, & tupperware for meal prep
  • Washer & Dryer (a few steps from your bedroom door)
  • Linens, towels, etc.


Guest Room: (smaller of the two rooms we rent)

  • Guest Bedroom (Dimensions: 9.25 x 11 ft)
  • Full Size Bed
  • Twin Size Bed
  • HUGE mirrored closet – (Dimensions: 2 ft deep, 7.5 ft wide)
  • 5.5 x 3ft windows that look out to the bay – stunning views!!!
  • Large quad cube nightstand with lots of binned storage space
  • Nightlamp – bendy neck, equipt with multiple outlets for charging your devices
  • Remote controlled fan
  • Power strip – plenty of extra outlets.
  • Bathroom – located 5 feet across the hall (usually shared with just 1-person)

Master Suite:

  • Guest Bedroom
  • Full Size Bed
  • Twin Size Bed
  • HUGE mirrored closet
  • 5.5 x 3ft windows that look out to the bay – stunning views!!!
  • Corner nightstand with shelves and storage space
  • Large Bureau
  • Nightlamp – bendy neck, equipt with multiple outlets for charging your devices
  • Power strip – plenty of extra outlets.
  • Private Bathroom – located inside bedroom (tub w/ handheld showerhead)


In order to protect your privacy, and to keep the apartment as a healing space, we rarely have guests over.  If we do invite a guest, they are always trans and queer affirming, and respectful toward people of color.

At some point in the future we’ve been thinking it could be fun to have a small once or twice monthly potluck at Quest House for guys who are post-op or are in the area for consults. The top priority with the space is to make sure our guests are comfortable. We will always check with you before confirming any gatherings or guests that would impact your stay here.


We are currently only able to accomodate service animals. We’ve had pets stay with us a few times and it’s necessitated carpet cleaning after guests have left and lots of extra daily cleaning to keep the space a clean healing environment.


A rental car is sometimes cheaper than using Uber/Lyft depending on how much you plan to be out and about, and also great for allowing more freedom to explore when you feel able. There is limited visitor parking in the apartment complex and you may wind up having to park a block or two away at times within the complex if our parking space is being used by another guest. If you plan on having a vehicle, please know that I give guests priority to Quest House’s (1) dedicated parking space as I can easily park in a visitor space and walk a little further. I am also usually able to transport folks whether that be airport pick-up/drop-off, pre-op, post-op appointments, grocery runs etc for a reasonable fee (usually equal to or less than Uber). Airport pick ups, for your arrival here I can sometimes free up time for to do personally. However, the Marin Airporter bus stop is conveniently located less than a 5 min drive from Quest House and goes to and from SFO; 1-way transportation is $22. Similar to a Greyhound bus. You would get on at SFO and get off at the 2nd stop, Manzanita/Mill Valley. We’re happy to give folks a lift from there.


If you would like to speak with other folks who have stayed with us during their recovery we are happy to connect you with them. Please contact us directly and we can find a way to connect you.


Booking calendars are posted in the menu tab above, under “BOOKING“. This is to serve as a visual aid for when we have availability for interested future lodgers. Please check the calendar to see if there is availability or just email us at to confirm our most up-to-date availability. The calendar always lists when it was most recently updated in the upper righthand corner.


Please let me know if you have other questions, or if you’d like to arrange an exploratory phone call to determine if our space would be right for you. Booking is offered on a first come, first serve basis. An inquiry about the space does not secure your stay with us. We ask that a non-refundable $250 deposit be placed to secure your reservation and lock in your requested dates. This $250 deposit goes towards your stay with us and is not lost money. 4 weeks prior to check-in 50% of your lodging costs are due. 2 weeks prior to check-in the remaining lodging balance is due. For more details please check out links for BOOKING and COSTS

We look forward to being part of your healing process!!!



Meiko Xavier

Services Coordinator

Google Voice: 415-855-2065