Current House Hosts

Hans Dylan (Left) Billy Ray (Right)


Hans (he/him): A transmasculine individual that has been in transition for over 7 years, and went through top surgery in 2015, a hysterectomy in 2016, and a phalloplasty in 2018. He recovered from lower surgery in the initial Quest House 1.0 and 2.0 and it is was an incredibly transformative experience for him. After the Quest House shutdown due to COVID-19, it was clear to Hans that he wanted to get it back up and running and give back to his community for all they’ve given him. Some of Hans’ other interests include nature (particularly the ocean!), tarot, crystals, yoga, meditation, and being with queer and trans community.

Billy (he/she/they): A genderfluid queer individual. Partner to Hans, and fellow house host alongside Hans. Billy has taken care of Hans post surgery and enjoys meeting and helping out the trans community. Some of his interests include social justice, sci-fi, fantasy, story telling, drawing, painting, video games, and nature.

Original House Founder, Meiko Xavier

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