If you are traveling alone and need assistance following your surgery, we also offer caretaking assistance. Anyone staying with us for “stage 1” *MUST* have a caretaker for their first 2 weeks out of the hospital. This can be a partner, family member, or a friend, but you can’t be alone. If you don’t have anyone that can care for you, Quest House can provide support or we can refer you to one of the folks we collaborate with.

This protocol is to ensure that people are safe in our house and that we as a program are protecting the space and reducing our liability. If paying for caretaking is a barrier to surgery and lodging, please get in touch and we might be able to offer some creative solutions. We hope to be able to offer scholarships in the future to assist with both lodging and caretaking costs. Until that time we are using this model to remain sustainable.

Stage 1 Caretaking Costs:

*** As of 10/20/19 – Meiko is no longer available for full time direct caregiving bookings. All bookings arranged prior to this date will be honored. All future caregiving gigs are being referred to our project collaborators: T4T!!! This new shift has come as a result of expanding our QH family network with the addition of T4T collaboration! This change also frees up more time for Meiko (or existing House Host) to better host the space by supporting all guests, and to create more time to focus on admin tasks. Meiko is still available for small jobs such as surgery discharge transport, guest advocacy, and pre/post-op appointment transport & support.***

$100/day for caregiving cost

Examples of Services Offered:

  • Day of Surgery Assistance (transport to hospital, company/support in pre-op/post-op)
  • Supplemental Support (while your caretaker has time for their self-care)
  • Transport & Assistance with Post-Op Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping & Medical Supply Runs
  • Linen Changes & Personal Laundry
  • Assistance with bandage changes
  • Hospital Discharge Transport
  • Assistance With Showering
  • Prescription Filling
  • Airport Drop-off
  • Meals Prep
  • Misc.

Day-Surgery Discharge Transport:   $100 (+ bridge tolls)

This service is appropriate for those not lodging at Quest House that are in town for a day-surgery and need transportation and support following general anesthesia.

Included in this service: Transportation upon discharge from surgery center/hospital, general assistance, script filling, settling you back in at your place of lodging



* Bridge Tolls

** All payments (cash, check, electronic) are subject to an additional 5% fee which pays for our fiscal sponsorship through Empowerment Works

*** All electronic payments are subject to an additional 5% processing fee **

**** International transactions are subject to an additional 5% processing fee ***