Dear Community – Quest House Closure


Dear Community,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you today.  Effective immediately, Quest House Community Healing will be dissolving due to unavoidable circumstances.  Multiple forces have come into play, making stable housing for our current community space impossible.

Primarily- our location is no longer a viable option.  In the spring of 2019, Meiko single-handedly sought out bigger, better, and more stable housing for us. And in doing so, he insured that we have a house where we could be open about our medical healing space.  He did the research, learned the language and communicated clearly with the landlords about our needs.  We were promised this would be a space where we could be open.  Although Meiko inquired about it specifically and was told there were none, there is an ordinance in place that restricts rentals to single-family dwellings only, and in-law units or multiple rentals are not allowed.  Just this week we were informed that our home goes against these neighborhood association rules.  Our landlords have frequently voiced how much they love having us as tenants and are very supportive, but this matter is out of their hands. We can no longer run Quest House here.

Secondly- the pandemic has added immense complexity to sustaining our community healing space.  We consulted with multiple community members and medical professionals about potential safety issues, proper protocol and ethical concerns.  In the end, we found there could be a workaround if we reduced guest capacity and instilled new safety protocols. The unfortunate reality is that reducing guest capacity would make it impossible to cover our bills.  Another concern we have is the potential of a second wave of covid-19 in the fall resulting in another shutdown. For this reason, our situation has become too precarious to be sustainable. As such, we are left with no other option but to close. Our hearts hurt over this heavy decision.

TO ALL SCHEDULED GUESTS: We will be contacting each of you directly in the coming weeks. We will be issuing dollar-for-dollar refunds in the next 30 days to everyone who’s paid a deposit and/or any of their lodging/care costs.  The remaining funds will go directly to community members in need.  All housing supplies will be offered to those with upcoming surgery, donated to local non-profits or sold and funds given back directly to community.

Please understand we have only come to this decision after exhaustively weighing all of our options. We don’t take this lightly. The current state of the world is creating more need than ever for our already marginalized community. That makes us closing even harder. Simultaneously, it is creating an invitation to innovate what support looks like.  Our biggest hope is that by releasing this project, we are creating space to reimagine how we can best support one another. We need each other more than ever, y’all. Let’s use this hardship to deepen our connections to one another, to further weave our web; the stronger the bond, the louder the voice.


In ultimate solidarity,

oliver flowers

Sam Karam

Julian Melson


Walker Malone

Meiko Xavier